Events & Groups

Premarital & Marital Group Counseling

Applying & Understanding the SYMBIS Assessment

Purpose of the Event:

Embarking on the journey of marriage is both exciting and complex, and it's natural to want to ensure that your relationship is built on a solid foundation. Premarital counseling with the SYMBIS assessment is a great tool for couples because it explores your personalities, communication styles, and values. SYMBIS provides invaluable insights into your relationship dynamics and identifies areas of strength and growth. Investing in premarital counseling with SYMBIS is not only a proactive step towards building a healthy and thriving marriage, but it also sets the stage for deeper understanding, connection, and alignment as you prepare to embark on this lifelong journey together.

Tea & Togetherness: 

Nurturing the Mother-Daughter Bond

Purpose of the Event:

This event is focused on honoring the unique bond between mothers and daughters by providing a platform for connection, learning, and reflection, all while enjoying an English style tea party. Through etiquette lessons, guided discussions, and shared experiences, participants may cultivate communication skills, deepen their relationship, and celebrate the significance of motherhood while fostering a sense of empowerment and gratitude.