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Helping One Family/Individual at a Time


Persevering Families 101's mission is to provide resources and/or opportunities that may increase mental health awareness for individuals and families.


 Persevering Families 101 envision a world where every individual or family is empowered with the knowledge, resources, and support needed to navigate the complexities of mental health challenges. 


Persevering Families 101 value prioritizing mental well-being, eliminating stigmas, and creating a community where individuals and families can persevere with resilience, understanding, and hope. 

What We Do

Get Connected

Connect individuals, families, and communities to resources that could help improve interpersonal interactions and/or increase self awareness and promote mental well-being. 

Mental Health Awareness

We strive to increase mental health awareness by posting  blogs, articles, or other credible websites that are well-researched on mental health topics, addressing common concerns, providing tips for well-being, and sharing personal stories.  

Learning and Engagement for Individuals, Families, and/or Communities

We strive to reduce stigma by providing a platform that educates and engages adolescents and adult participants to learn about mental health practices, strategies, and techniques that may be beneficial for their well-being. 

Disaster Recovery Behavioral Health

We provide support, resources, and education that summarizes help lines and hotlines. Providing information to help lines and hotlines staffed by professionals who provide Immediate crisis Intervention and support for Individuals affected by a disaster.

Mental Health Research Division-Evidence Based Practices for Mental Health

We advocate for research funding through policy advocacy and engage stakeholders. We advocate for Increased funding for mental health research at local, state, and national lebels. We strive to mobilie community members, volunteers, and stakeholders to advocate for mental health research funding. 

Acknowledge & Validate Feelings

We acknowledge emotions and offer strategies to improve communication and effectively manage emotions while experiencing distressing emotions. No matter how you feel -- good or bad, it is important to manage emotions well enough so you can communicate your feelings by using words

Opportunities for Advancement

We acknowledge the importance of support and mentorship, education and skill development, access to resources and services, skill-building opportunities, and collaboration with professionals. Overall, we are committed to creating a supportive and empowering community where individuals and families can enhance their mental health awareness, acquire valuable skills and knowledge, and access the resources and support needed to overcome challenges and thrive.

How to Help

Persevering Families 101

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Share reputable or well-researched resources that can be provided to others In efforts to provide guidance or assistance with Improving ones well-being.

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